Donald Trump's 5 Most Outrageous Speeches

Mar 25, 2016

Donald Trump is easily the most unprecedented and admittedly entertaining political force America has seen in a very long time. Citing his being "very rich" as a credential when kicked off his White House bid in 2015, the real estate tycoon is a walking, talking sound bite machine.

Policy takes a back-seat in the Trump campaign. The true meat of his appeal has been his unapologetic brass behind a podium. And because of that, it's worth taking a hard look the words that make headlines every week. In the speeches below, transcribed in their entirety, we can appreciate the businessman's uncanny political genius that continues to stump both the Republican establishment and the Democrats he may likely face in the general election.

So here it is - Donald Trump's top five most outrageous speeches.

1. CAMPAIGN LAUNCH - June 6, 2015

Here's the speech that started it all - introducing the media to the countless gems we still hear from the frontrunner this day. Delivered at the Trump Tower in New York City, this is where the loud-mouthed billionaire officially stepped into the political arena - seeking it's highest office.

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2. IOWA FREEDOM SUMMIT - January 24, 2015

Before Trump became the almost inevitable face of the Republican Party going into the 2016 general election, it was apparent the business icon was flirting with the idea of a presidential bid for a long time. This speech is particularly valuable because we see the pre-campaign Trump coming into his own, giving early punches to Mitt Romney before the idea of a third Romney run could become a reality.

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3. WINNING SOUTH CAROLINA - February 21, 2016

By this point, The Donald had captured the grassroots conservative movement across the United States. In the South Carolina primary, he routed Jeb Bush - the assumed nominee when the campaign season kicked off. Jeb pulled all the stops in the state before a crushing defeat at the hands of Trump - even taking his brother, former president George W. Bush, on the trail with him. But Trump easily prevailed.

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4. WINNING NEVADA - February 24, 2016

Delivered just days after his characteristically abrasive victory dance in South Carolina, Donald Trump took his classic vibrato to the next level in Nevada. By this point, Trump's status as a seemingly unstoppable force could not be ignored. You can tell, because the word "win" is mentioned in this speech more times than you might be willing to count. It's even been referred to as his "win, win, win" speech.

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5. AIPAC SPEECH - March 21, 2016

Trump's Republican rivals have constantly referred to White House contender as a chameleon - one who changes positions on any issue depending the surrounding environment. This is exactly what you see in his speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Previously, Trump talked about "making a deal" - as he typically does" regarding Israel's situation with the Palestinians. Here you see the real estate mogul backtrack the entire thing, sparring no expense in his mastery of salesmanship.

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These are of course Donald Trump's five most outrageous so far. Whether he scares you or motivates you, we're likely to hear more outlandish ideas and statements from The Donald as the contest for the Republican Party's nomination enters its final phases. We'll hear many more if he wins the nomination and potentially the presidency.

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