Predator Sequel Set To "Reinvent Franchise," Says Producer

Aug 14, 2015

John Davis, producer of 1987′s original 'Predator' and still on board for the in-development revival of the franchise with writer-director Shane Black, has heaped praise on the 'Iron Man 3′ filmmaker's vision for the much-loved sci-fi action horror series.

Black - who had one of his few acting roles alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger in the 1987 movie, as well as doing uncredited work on the script - was announced last year as being attached to a new 'Predator' movie, along with his old collaborator Fred Dekker who has been working on the first draft of the screenplay.

That's right - Black & Dekker...

Shane Black as Hawkins in the 1987 original
Shane Black as Hawkins in the 1987 original

Initially thought to be a total reboot, it has since been clarified that this new 'Predator' will be, in Black's words, an "inventive sequel," which gives the material a fresh start without resetting the clock.

Of course, much was the plan with 2010′s 'Predators,' and that didn't wind up reviving the series as it had been hoped to do. Time will tell if Black's take is stronger; we'd wager it will be.

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