Jerry Doyle Show and EpicTimes Team Open up their Fridges for Scrutiny from Homeopath, Robert Scott-Bell. We've Showed You Ours, Now You Show us Yours

Oct 1, 2014

The humble refrigerator - every house has one but the contents inside are as individual as the families that own it.

In this "We've Shown You Ours, Now You Show Us Yours" the staff at and the Jerry Doyle Show have opened up our lives (and the doors to our fridge) so you can have a look inside.  We've also had the contents of our fridge analyzed by EpicTimes contributor, author and homeopathic practitioner, Robert Scott Bell.

Now that we've shown you ours, it's time for you - the EpicTimes community - to show us yours.

Simply snap a photo of your refrigerator and send it in along with a little bit about the family that uses it (ex. Single guy in his 20's or Mom and two teenage sons).  Please be sure to remove anything that you wouldn't want shared but otherwise leave the fridge as-is.  No moving or straightening up.  HOW your fridge is stocked says as much about you as WHAT you stock it with.

All submissions will be made available on and a handful of the more, let's say, interesting ones will be given to Robert Scott Bell for his analysis - which will be included in the final gallery.

Please send your photo to no later than October 10th.

Click on photos to see them full size....

Jerry's Fridge - Founder of EpicTimes and Host of The Jerry Doyle Show


RSB says:

"I imagine that's what it looks like on Saturday morning after a night out on the town - a bit fuzzy. Hoping that nothing is growing on the produce. Other than the lettuce, I may have to bring my own food with me when I visit.  Happy to find out that's (RSB Approved) Life Change Tea in the pitcher and not something else."

Brad Silvers

Brad Silvers is a Content Editor for EpicTimes, the Executive Producer of The Jerry Doyle Show and an accomplished caver and natural resource interpreter.

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